authentic self 



The power to take control of your thoughts and feelings in a healthy, positive way




Worrying about what

others think

Obsessing daily over what you eat & what you weigh

Criticising & being hard on yourself

Punishing yourself with gruelling 'health' regimes & blaming yourself when diets don't work


Peace & acceptance & being present in the moment

Freedom to just enjoy food & focus on what really matters

Celebrating your uniqueness & being kind to yourself

Love & respect & for yourself and your body and trusting what feels right for you

"I'll feel good about myself when..."

What if you could love yourself and feel good in your body, all while ditching dieting for good? There is no need to wait for things to be different. Now is a better time than ever to discover your true worth.

Tania Serfontein, NSW, Australia

I have learned and healed heaps! Your step by step program helped me to restore my image of myself and more importantly, to heal my self-esteem. I have clarity and conviction around what I say no to and why that is important to me. My yes also has now more meaning. I learned that my needs matter and that taking care of them is absolutely important! This has healed the aching I have had in my heart for a very long time.

Embodying You

is perfect for you if:

You are stuck in a constant battle between crash-dieting and binge-eating, and between loving your body for what it can do and hating your body for the way it looks

You struggle with trying to be perfect and are really hard on yourself when things don't go how you want them to or you fail to live up to your high expectations

You've been trying to be more positive and kinder to yourself but you don't know how to do it consistently or really believe that you are good enough

You often feel guilty about taking time out for self-care and find it hard to switch off the stress and pressure of trying to 'do all of the right things'

You feel like you're on an erratic emotional rollercoaster and struggle to find healthy and effective ways to cope and feel better


break free

from the dieting prison and

make peace

with your body

You are so much more than a body.

Discover the epic life that awaits you as your authentic self...

Embodying You is a self-paced online learning program.

Upon enrolment, you'll get instant access to 21 life-changing lessons. 


"Hayley is an amazing coach with a big heart. She helped me to clarify some of my blocks regarding self-care and helped me to build my self-esteem. One of my learnings with her was to not own other people's opinions of me."

— Carmen Palomares

"I have learnt the importance of becoming aware of my needs and my boundaries. The realisation of really being honest with myself has been life changing. Hayley, your guidance through the coaching sessions has been invaluable."

— Tanya Stocks

Embodying You




Guided Audio Meditation Series

Reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm, get out of your head, reframe negative talk, connect with your body and centre yourself, and be gently guided through processing your emotions in a safe space.

4-week Gratitude Starter Kit +

Self-reflection Personal Journal

Follow a step-by-step process to building a new habit of daily gratitude, and have some quality YOU time with your very own beautifully designed personal journal to document your progress and reflections.

Hayley has helped me get in touch with my suppressed emotions and it has changed my life. I used to find it difficult to be vulnerable.


2019 was a really challenging year for me, but getting coached has helped me overcome my emotional blockages. I feel so much lighter and energetic."

— Bushra Zaheer

I engaged Hayley first as a coach to assist in managing stress and coaching me into empowering myself to make some small yet profound changes in my life.


With her help I have fought my way out of the fog, set some healthy boundaries and prioritised my mental and physical wellbeing."

— Mel Fraser


Hi! I'm Hayley,

A.K.A, the Pommie Pocket Rocket.

I'm a professionally trained coach through The Coaching Institute—Australasia's #1 life coaching school—and an expert in body image, emotional intimacy, and building self-esteem.

If worrying about your weight and what you eat is dragging you down then you've landed in the right place. 


I am here to help you connect deeply to the REAL you so you can live a kick-arse life of joy and fulfilment—whatever body you're in.


I know what it's like to have low self-worth and to feel embarrassed to ask for help and worried about being judged by other people.


 You wish you could live up to everybody's expectations, but more than anything, you just want to be accepted for who you are.

I hear you...

And that's why I created Embodying You. I have been on the journey (and still am) and my mission is to save you unnecessary years of further pain, shame, quick-fixes and winging it.

I trust this is the beginning of us getting to know each other and of something truly

life-changing for you.

Katherine Jayne, NSW, Australia

This program has been the key to unlocking the deep-rooted cause of my warped relationship with food and my body. I am 5 years into recovery from Bulimia and I had been searching far and wide for info and resources to assist me in finally uncovering the truth. Hayley has given me a priceless gift and allowed me to reconnect with my core self which goes far beyond diet, health or self-image. I can make lifestyle choices that are aligned with what my heart desires without effort from a place of love for my body.
Hayley is the kindest, most compassionate and understanding woman and coach who’s passion, bravery and courage has allowed me to finally see the same qualities within myself. With her guidance and support I have been able to start living a full life where I am free to be me and know that I am enough just as I am. 

If you have tried everything, if you are sick and tired of the mental energy that has been taken up please take one of Hayley’s programmes. This is no quick fix it is a deep journey of understanding yourself and healing. If you are committed to yourself and you really want to change, go no further you have found what you’ve been searching for


Embodying You



Mindful movement &

food freedom

  • Learn empowering principles of eating psychology to better understand your relationship with food

  • Uncover the true meaning of holistic health & how to balance mind, body and energy

  • Embrace the joy of movement & leave behind 'punishing' regimes



Embodying You

Enrol now for only $497

Or 12 monthly payments of $49



I'm so confident that this program will help change the way you think about yourself and your body and find more acceptance and self-compassion, that if it doesn't, I'll give you your money back.



If after the first 90 days from the date you enrol you feel like it isn't working for you then I'm happy to issue a full refund.

All you need to do is show me that you've watched all of the classes in Module 1 and 2 and completed the homeplay workbooks, and that you have been actively engaged in the online community so I know that you were fully invested in the program and doing the work.




How much time would I need to commit to this each week?

This is a completely self-paced course and as such there is no required minimum amount of time you have to commit each week. You decide when you start and when you finish, and so you can be completely flexible around work, family, and other commitments. Every now and again you will receive a friendly check-in from me to see how you're going which can act as a handy reminder to get stuck into the course. Obviously consistency is key when it comes to success and achieving the outcome that you want, so a great strategy is to do a little something each week when you can.

What if I get sick or take a break and fall behind?

With lifetime access to the course there is no hard deadline, which makes it impossible to fall behind! You have full permission to take breaks from the course when you need, and I've had clients tell me that listening to the classes is a great way to keep entertained when they're off sick from work!

I'm not sure if now is the right time to do this...

If not now...when? There is no such thing as the "right" time. We all have a natural resistance to change, but you're here, reading this, which means you've already taken the first step and that somewhere deep down inside a voice is saying to you "it's my time now - it's time for a change!" Once you've made the commitment to yourself, you can take it one step a time. Think about where you would rather be 6 months from now...having turned away and stuck in the position you're currently in? Or gone with that voice inside and already so much further on in making peace with your body and yourself. The one thing that guarantees that nothing will change is not taking action.

I don't know if I can afford this...

If enrolling in this course means you won't be able to pay your bills this month, please pay your bills! But I do have a 12 month, affordable payment plan to split the cost into smaller, much more manageable payments. Aussies spend an average of $140 a month on takeaway coffee - that's twice the price of the monthly payment for this course! Yes this course is an investment of your time and money, but that pales into insignifance compared to the lifelong, life-altering benefits of finally being rid of body hate and low self-esteem. If you are dying to do this course and are still struggling with how you're going to come up with the cashola, please contact me directly at hayley@hayleylatcham.com and let's try to make this doable for you.

I have an eating disorder - can I do this program and would it work for me?

While I do currently work with women who have struggled with eating disorders in their past, if you have an active, diagnosed eating disorder, you must work with or consult a qualifed eating disorder professional before embarking on this program. P.S - I want you to know I hear you, I see you, I feel your pain 100%. I struggled with anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder for 10 years, and looking back I wished I had someone there who had gone through it and come out the other end to tell me I was good enough and loveable as I was, and that I would heal the more I got to discover and fall in love with my true, inner authentic self.

Will this program help me lose weight?

This program is ABSOLUTELY NOT a weight loss program! There is NO WAY I am enabling and encouraging a dieting culture and mindset. Your fixation on losing weight and toning up is one of the reasons you've been beating yourself up for not being good enough. I encourage you to elevate beyond your weight loss goals and leave them at the door when you come into Embodying You because you are SO MUCH MORE than a body. And I will show you exactly how to do this in the program and connect you to the drive and excitement of meaningful goals that tap into your full potential.

What are your qualifications and experience?

I'm a professional trained coach through Australasia's #1 coaching school, The Coaching Institute in Melbourne, and have training in emotional intimacy, self-esteem, positive psychology, NLP, behavioural profiles, and Meta Dynamics. Prior to becoming a coach I worked in the health and fitness industry for almost seven years as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, and my personal experiences with battling and surviving anorexia uniquely position me to be able to understand and coach the emotional and mental aspects of body dissatisfaction and disordered eating.

I need to sort myself out before I can do this program otherwise I don't know if it will work for me.

Hear me when I say you are NOT broken and that you don't need fixing. And also, NOBODY has their shit together! I'm a few years into my journey and I still haven't "sorted myself out" - whatever that even means! We are human and human is messy, real, and beautiful. It is exactly the kind of attitude of "I'll do it when I've worked on myself" that has got you to where you are now. How do you plan on working on yourself without the tools, the structure, the support, and the accountability you need? And if you're in need of some more inspiration just check out the stories shared by other women doing the program in the testimonials on this page. If they can do it, you can too.

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